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He spanks me some, tell me, I will spank ass in a very able, it stings a little, but somehow the beautiful numbness that follows everything away and I'm just happy to be all ass for him, if way he wants it. He tells me he loves to see how he jumps up and spanks me, that combined with the sound makes for a wonderful excitement so I do not mind the beatings and are in fact come to it as another part of our deep relationship like. He always sniffs my ass which is really nice and I feel just the touch of his tongue teasing me there. Sometimes he chooses my with my tight jeans and tight stretched in order to spread my cheeks spank, then taste to me before he removes coarse and rough spanks me. Then he took me with plaster Squirty cream would you believe, he loves to do and it feels good, especially when he licks it all out of my body behind, relax and just to relax and enjoy doing it, which is really something very erotic, sensual and beautiful. Badger I miss so much since his death I have already told you, in other stories, but somehow it feels as if he's still there, up there watching me as I carry with him in mind with this wonderful form he had made, for me, the exact shape of his erect cock, of course, never the same as the real thing, but it is working in me and to remember those wonderful times and I told Badger is still a good substitute. Cumlouder Fan Club

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